Why Did Fidel Castro Choose Communism For Cuba?

To answer this question one must first understand the situation of Cuba thoroughly. I will give some brief bullet points:    

  • During Batista’s second coup he suspended the constitution, allowing him to do whatever he pleased.
  • Cuba was a Capitalist country and Batista further empowered the rich in order to ‘fit in’ among their social circles.
  • Batista let Americans sweep in and invest in the Cuban cash crops, in most cases allowing foreign powers (USA) to exploit the working class in order to gain the maximum of the countries resources.
  • Batista allowed the opening up of casino’s where the minority elite and rich American gamblers could come and have a good time.
  • Cuba Was Americas Casino

  • In conclusion, Batista was trying to jump ahead into a stage of tertiary services without trying to develop the country as a whole.
  • This caused major separation between social classes, the elite engaged in the highest level of tertiary work while the poor worked primary jobs in the harshest of conditions.
  • Cuba’s Capitalistic policies didn’t allow the poor and the less opportunistic to become succesful in life. Most people were born as a farmer and died as a farmer.
  • Batista’s twisted constitution allowed him to take action unfairly and as a result any government opposition was put down mercilessly.


Any Opposition Was Silenced Forever

This is where Fidel Castro comes in the fight for the people and ousts Batista from power, while that’s all great, the question remains why he did this, or more importantly why did he replace Capitalism with Communism? Although the answer may seem quite obvious, I will answer in great analysis.    

Why Take Capitalism Out?    

With the influence of Che, Fidel saw that Capitalism was the root cause of poverty in Cuba, in fact the whole of Latin America. Capitalism kept the riches with the rich, it prevented ‘fair’ distribution of wealth. The question of success was almost entirely dependant on the life you were born into. If you were born to rich parents, they would be able to provide you with a proper education and this means a wide array of opportunities and paths to take in life. Whereas if you were born into poor parents, it is highly unlikely that you would be provided with a decent education. The children born into a poor family will be more likely working on the family farm or selling the products of the family farm in the market. So when the poor were stepped on and kept away from education and opportunities, they remained poor. This streak of ‘being born a farmer and dying a farmer’ could go as long as Capitalism was in place. The rich however, would keep getting richer and richer. If you were one of the few born into the rich life, you would love Capitalism. Unfortunately, the majority of Cuba’s population was poor, and they were being negatively affected by the Capitalism put in place by Batista. The reason why Capitalism was replaced with Communism by Fidel was because Capitalism didn’t work for Cuba. Sure it would for the elite, but they were a minority. When ruling a country, a good leader would consider the needs of the majority of the population and virtually all the people of Cuba were poor. Putting in Capitalism was an insane way of ruling Cuba but sane way of gaining wealth and being popular among the elite. 

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