Why Put In Communism? What Does It Mean Economically and Politically For Cuba?

 Through Fidel’s eyes, Communism was the best suited system of rule for Cuba. He had been interested in Communism long before he was in a situation where he had to decide how he was going to rule a country. Majority of Cuba’s population was the working class and so Communism fitted in perfectly into Cuban society. After Fidel defeated Batista’s army, Fidel came into power. All the Elite and the middle class society fled to America in fear of a Communistic approach by Fidel as this would lower their standards of life. Most of the elite and the middle class sector were supporters of Batista and so the ones left in Cuba were tried and executed when they were proven guilty. The first approach towards change by Revolutionary Government was the passing of an Agrarian Law where any ownership of Sugar plantations by foreigners were seized. The size of a farm a farmer could own was limited to limiting the size of farms to 3,333 acres and real estate to 1,000 acres. The rest of the land was distributed to landless peasants and families. This would help lift everyone or the majority of the people in country to a certain stage, everyone would be at the same ‘level’. Castro quickly abandoned hos promise of democracy and he consolidated his power. All other parties were disregarded and there was only the Communist Party Of Cuba in which Fidel was the First Secretary. Fidel Castro tried to put into place a ‘new Socialist man’ where everyone worked for the better of the community and not for one’s own benefit. Initially one of Che’s ideas, it didn’t quite work out. If this idea had worked, they were planning to eliminate money! The reason as to why I think this idea wouldn’t have worked is because now everyone was at the same level, everyone wanted the same thing; more money. There was no one in need of the basic necessities of life, everyone was striving for the next level of living. So nobody wanted to work and do better to other people, they wanted to work and do better for themselves. Another reason as to why this had not worked would be because I believe human greed and selfishness is the biggest obstacle on the road to pure Communism. Nobody wants to work hard for the community, they want to work hard for the betterment of themselves. In a world where everyone everyone will be selfish like that, I don’t think democracy will work. There has to be an iron fist leader with good intentions. This is why he set up neighborhood ‘spies’ to seek and silence anit-revolutioanries. These people were obviosly the greedy that were only willing to work for the benefit of themselves. As part of Communism he set up housing for homeless famillies and provided free quality healthcare. Soon, as people reached a certain level, it became clear that everyone wanted to rise above the rest, going against the idea imposed by Fidel. To prevent this he had to become a harsh dictator, dictating social and professional organizations, media, education and art.

EXTRA: Why Dictate Communism?

When first imposing Communism on a country, I dont think that it needs to be dictated or imposed by with an iron fist. In the first place the reason the leader would have chosen Communism was becuase thats what the majority of the popultaion wanted/needs. So therefore one does not need to force people to do what they want or need. However after a while when people become more capabale and they are out of their situation of extreme poverty they will start to want to do better, go farther, be better than everyone else. But obviosly the only way you can do this is if you work for the benefit of yourself. The only way to do this is if you work hard and get paid for your efforts in return. The problem with communism is that you can work hard but you will be paid back grattitude and recognision as a ‘good’ person. The benefits of your work will be benefits to the community. So clearly one cannot be better than the rest and ironicalll people start to revolt the revolution. This is where the harshness of the leader comes in as he or she has to take drastuic measures to keep the crowd in control in a Communisitc governing system. This includes silencing the oppositions, and thus making him or her only as bad as the leader they ousted. There’s a quote from Batman: The Dark Knight that really got my attention and can be used here: “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

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One Response to “Why Put In Communism? What Does It Mean Economically and Politically For Cuba?”

  1. Wow Roger your work on the analysis of Communism in Cuba are much clearer and demonstrate clear knowledge compared with that of the Fr. Rev. I like how you actually look at the positives and negatives aspects of implementing a system that is for the good of the majority vs. the minority. Che’s influence is and added aspect that helps define Castro’s ideology. You have done very well on this section.

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