What Does The Ideas Of The Enlightenment Mean For France In Social, Economic and Political Terms?

Economic Aspect: Due to equality, everyone will be taxed the same. This will reduce the strain on a working class individuals GNP.
Political Aspects: The Social Contract and the separation of Power can be classified as a political change.

Political Aspect

The social contract will give the people sovereignty, which then they will pass on to [by voting] to the leader they want to be elected. This will greatly improve public distress as people can and will choose their own leaders. They will be happier because choosing they’re leader you want allows you to choose what laws you want to be governed by, then making the citizens the ultimate sovereign. The separation of power will also greatly improve public mood as each estate gets an area or rule which they are responsible for and they get a certain amount of power. This is also good way of ruling as having a lot of people involved in one thing could result horribly. “Too many cooks spoil the soup”. The use of Reasoning is also a clever idea that will sustain all the other ideas. This eliminates the possibility that the leader will do something selfish and say it is routine or a ritual.      

  • Both had effects on the working class
  • They both had effect on the system of ruling


  • The French Revolution was more of a mental relief. It was all about the people and their treatment. Whereas the Cuban Revolution was majorly based on economics and the Cuban Revolution relieved financial aspects.

Social Aspects

  Social Aspects:  The understanding and respecting of individuals as equal regardless of class effects the community as a whole. Eveyone being treated equally almost diminishes the set up of classes creating a closer bong among the people.        

Economic Aspects



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