What Ideological Influences Were The Robespierre Exposed To?

Since there were many leader behind the French Revolution I will be only focusing on one of them and his influences from ideologies.               


 Maximillien Robespierre’s Exposure To Ideologies            

Robespierre was the extremist in the French Revolution and thus the most influential person in leading it. He was a left wing political leader longing for or rather fighting for a change in King Louis XVI’s regime. . He got a scholar to Lycee-Louis les Grande in his early education and he was highly interested/exposed to the ideologies of the Roman Republic, an empire that followed Democracy.His most exposure of ideologies was throughout his education. He also became interested in Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s and Montesquieu’s ideologies on which he based most of his actions in French Revolution. Since Jean-Jacques was influenced by Johne Locke meaning that most of Jean-Jacques’ ideas will be the same I will only be discussing about John Locke’s ideologies later on. After graduating he became a lawyer and was mainly known for defending the poor by bringing up ideas from the Enlightenmen such as equality and human rights. Above all there was on outstanding event that took place in his life that made him want to change how France was ruled. This reason was not for the better of people nor for recognition. It was for revenge. When he was 17 he was chosen out of 500 students to deliver a speech to Louis XVI. However the King was late for the occasion, leaving robespierre and the crowd waiting in the rain. Then the royal couple left right after their arrival, this built hatred towards the King inside young Robespierre’s mind. Alth

Maximillien Robespierre


ough this sounds like a dramatic event, almost too perfect for it to have happened since Robespeirre was a brutal figure in the French Revolution it must be noted that this information may have been altered to give a more dramatic effect, such as the rain. However the event happened defintely, justified by many sources.

 Comparison to Castro [In terms of influences]              

  •  Both got their dose of influence through the education       
  • They had a different variety of exposures to ideologies.
  • Fidel had a perfectly molded ‘system’ to be placed, Communism.

 Differences :    

  • Both had personal ‘grudges’ against the dictator in place. [Fidel had his when Batista held a coup and destroyed all chances for him running for an important position]
  •  Robespierre was just using individual ideologies and embeding it into a constitutional Monarchy.

One Response to “What Ideological Influences Were The Robespierre Exposed To?”

  1. Good list of comparisons…last point on differences should be..embedding it into creating a constitutional Monarchy in France….I think you should consider the time difference in when looking at these figures…very differnt contexts….17th Century vs. Modern…this is a point to consider.

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