Why Did Robespierre Choose The Ideologies Of John Locke?

Note: The ideas incorporated into the new French government are not solely from John Locke but the majority of the ideas are from him and so I will only be focusing on them.

Before the revolution, there was clearly a unfair distribution of wealth and unfair treatment of people. If you were in the 3rd estate you had to face the intensified harships of life. The working class was taxed for basically everything they did. They got taxed for using mills and bread and wine. The workers class was viewed as th ‘factory’ where everything got done. They were viewed as a comodity and they lacked the right to basic human rights. Bringing in these ideologies and putting them into action would solve all the problems faced by the working class. Social Contract would let both the governers and the citizens be in control thus agreement between the 2 parties. Equality will obviosly prevent mistreatment between higher and lower classes and this will keep the lower classes happy. Separation of power will help run the state more smoothly. Running different parts to contribute to one common goal. As they say ‘too many cooks spoil the soup’ and this separation powers is a wise idea. Reasoning was also a good way to approach situations. This would prevent and misuse of power by the higher class as they can’t say ‘We’re taxing you more becuase that’s how its been’.

Compare [Why Did Castro Choose Communism? Vs. Why Did Robespierre Choose Ideologies Of John Locke?]


  • They both saw these ideologies as the way to please the majority of the population.[Working Class]
  • Because they wanted to fix the ‘equality’ gap between the workers class and the aristocrats.
  • Brought everyone onto common ground.



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