Criteria B:Time,Place and Space,Change,Systems and Global Awareness

I think the answer to this question (What Influences Was Fidel Castro Exposed To?) would best relate to ‘Time and Place and Space.” As I said in my AOI page, where Fidel Castro lived made all the difference. The people he was exposed to was a result of the place and space he was in.   

The PLACE, the larger of the two, would be Latin America. Capitalism was a trend

PLACE=Latin America

among Latino countries and this, as Che showed Fidel, was the main cause of the poverty. One might ask if other countries were being corrupted by capitalism, why did it have to be Cuba that had a revolution? The answer to that is in other Latino countries, the TIME was not right. I say this based on the facts that Fidel left University to rebel against the dictatorship in the Dominican Republic and this had failed. He also participated in riots in Bogota, Columbia. However this also failed as the government forces quickly over powere the rebelling forces, luckily Fidel was able to escape back into Cuba.  There needed to be more cultivation, more awarness spread on the corruption of the government and how it can be overcome. However in Cuba, this was already happning, people had realised becuase Batista made it clear that he was there only for his selfish needs. There was a slowly surfacing revulsion to this and Fidel Castro just gave it a face and directed all the anti-batista groups in the right direction. The coup by Batista, the suspension of the constitution, the opression against the opposition and Capitalism set the stage, it was an invitation for a proletrian revolution which just happened to be led by Fidel Castro. However I wont be going into much detail about this as it would CAUSES and not IDEOLOGIES.   

The SPACE  would be the specifics of a place. For example, The University of Havanna was a key factor in exposing Castro to ideologies, it just happened to be that he found Communism or the Orthodox Party at the University the most feasible for his Cuba. He saw communism as the solution, as to why this is will be later explained. So the University of Havana would be considered a SPACE within Cuba.  

SPACE=University Of Havana(Shown as 6)


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