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The questions “Why Put In Communism? What Does It Mean Economically and Politically For Cuba?” can be viewed through the following ‘lenses’:


  1. What Are My Responsibilities?
  2. What Resources Do We Have Or Need?

Human Ingenuity

  1. What Are The Consequences?

Community And Service

  1. How Do We Live In Relation To Others?

Whar are my responsibilities?

Once in power Fidel Castro had many responsibilities, one of the major ones was how was he going rule Cuba. By making Cuba a Communistic state, it was a responsible decision. It was the only way to bring up all the poor people who were oppressed by Capitalism. ‘What are my responsibilities?’ was definitely one of the question Fidel Castro pondered upon when he was in power. His responsibilities was to perform his part of the social contract. Although he was not elected to be president, he needed the peoples support in overthrowing Batista’s regime. For that support, we would have to pay the people back. Since his supporters were from the working class, the best way to pay them back was to make the state a Communistic one.

What resources do we have or need?

This was also one big factor that Castro had to consider when choosing Communism for Cuba. This is because generally, Cuba is a poor country with the majority of the population being the poor working class. In Cuban society, if you had land it meant that you could live a good life with all the basic necessities. Some people had more than enough land, so the Agrarian Law took the extra land from the people who HAVE it and gave it to people in NEED of it. Since it is in Communism that people work for the good of everyone, the extra of one’s land would be given to someone in need of land.

What are the consequences?

With all actions, consequences follow. Although putting in Communism would have brought down the general level of poverty in Cuba, Communism soon ‘self-destructed’ Cuba. People, as they got to a certain level of capability, wanted to do better, for themselves. Communism didn’t promote this since it was for the better of everyone, not oneself. Fidel had to act with an iron fist and this caused anger within the ones who wanted to rise above. Fidel was seen to be as bad as Batista.

How do we live in relation to others?

  Communism is all about how people are going to live in relation to others. It’s all about working for the better of the community. So Castro’s whole point of putting in Communism was to strengthen the relationship between people of different classes. Putting in Communism was a succeeded attempt at merging all the classes together to get rid of the gaps that Capitalism had created.



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