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For the question “Why Did Fidel Castro Choose Communism For Cuba?“, this can be viewed through the following AOI(‘s)

Community And Service: How Can I Help Others?

Health And Social: How Do I Think And Act?

How Can I Help Others?

     This was the root cause for Fidel Castro. He wanted to help the poor working class of Cuba and as a result he revolted and changed the governing systems to better suite the working class. Fidel put in Communism, this was his way of helping the working class of Cuba. He majorly improved living standards for the poorest of the poor in Cuba.

How Do I Think And Act?

     This affected everything. The decisions that Fidel was making was no joke, his decisions would affect the future of a whole country and affect foreign relations. Some of Fidels actions could be deemed foolish or unthoughtful. Fidel acted too quick to break of relations with the US, although there was the Soviet Union, even they couldn’t be trusted after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Fidel should have taken every step a bit slowly, in my opinion he was too quick for his actions. When Fidel declared Cuba a Communist State, it sparked commotion among other countries. Fidel had a good start with his Revolutionary government but a few bad decisions led him to rule with an iron fist because people were starting become unhappy, again.


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