Criteria B:Time,Place and Space,Change,Systems and Global Awareness



The question “Why Did Fidel Castro Choose Communism For Cuba?” and it’s answer can be associated to the following concept(‘s)

Change. Systems. Global Awarness.

Change & Systems

By declaring Cuba as a Communistic state, it was a massive CHANGE to the existing SYSTEM. Especially since Capitalism and Comunism are complete opposite systems of ruling. It definetly was a complete revolution of power, since it went from dicatorship of the Elite to the dictatorship of the proletariat, as Karl Marx predicted would happen with every Capitalistc state.

Global Awarness

I would consider the Cuba Revolution as the the Revolution of Latin America. The Cuban Revolution spread awarness to other Latin American countries  that they do not need America and that they should not live in such conditions because of the foreign investors and the local elite that create a ‘dam’ that blocks the wealth that should trickle down to the lower classes. So the Cuban Revolution was the epicenter to shockwaves of revolution that travelled around Latin America, even though the revolution in other Latin American countries wern’t that succesful.

 Cuban Revolution Was ‘Food For Thought’ For The Rest Of Latin America


2 Responses to “Criteria B:Time,Place and Space,Change,Systems and Global Awareness”

  1. Great job of linking to AoI and Concepts. You discuss systems througout your analysis which is good because the above is quite simplistic but because you use it to demonstrate knowledge with the other things it works for conceptual understanding.

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