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The question ‘What Political Influences Was Fidel Castro Exposed To?’ can be viewed through this AOI and its specified question:  

Environment: Where do we live?   

Where Do We Live?     

Where he lived made the biggest impact on how Fidel was influenced. It was all about where he lived and the people who were around him.     



All of Fidel's Actions Were A Reaction Of Cuba's Situation


In the early stages of his life he lived in Cuba, a country corrupted by Capitalism. Fidel was born to middle class parents so they were able to provide him with the basic of needs. He grew up in a country where all the elite ‘hogged’ the wealth of the country. This triggered an opposite and equal reaction within him, he wanted to change how life was lived in Cuba, he wanted to make the standard of living fair, thus equalizing everyone in society.     

     Fidel went to Mexico to plan a second attack against Batista’s regime. Mexico made all the differences. Many exiles, exiled by Batista’s regime, were in Cuba. They were anti-Batista and were more than willing to help Castro in the second attack. Castro also met Che Guevara in Mexico, an influential figure in Castro’s political ideas and guerilla training.


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